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A simple way to toggle light and dark mode in a Svelte application.

What is dark mode?

When enabled on a website, dark mode (also “night mode”) reduces the amount of light emitted by a screen by changing the palette of colours it uses. For instance, changing the background from a paper-white to a dark gray, and text colour from black to light gray.

Dark mode can be more comfortable to use in low-light conditions. Some technologies, such as OLED panels, may consume less power which is better suited for mobile devices.

Our goal?

We want a component that allows the user to change between light and dark mode. Third party components should also be notified of the colour mode.


We specify a dark style in our application stylesheet. When triggered, we manipulate Element.classList on <body> to add or remove this class. We use a Svelte store to track the change, which allows third-party components to alter their rendering.


A very simple implementation of the CSS required may look like (say static/styles.css):

.light {
    background: #eee;
    color: #121212;
.dark {
    background: #121212;
    color: #aaa;

The store

We track the selected mode in our store, say store.js:

import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
export const colourScheme = writable('light');

The component

A <select> element allows the user to switch between modes. We bind to $colourScheme so any subscribers will get notification of the change (say ./ColourScheme.svelte):

    import { colourScheme } from './store.js';

    const schemes = [ 'light', 'dark' ];

    $: {

<select bind:value={$colourScheme}>
    {#each schemes as s}
        <option value={s}>{s}</option>


Include the component wherever it’s required:

    import ColourScheme from './ColourScheme.svelte';

<ColourScheme />

An implementation can be seen on this website, at the top of the page.


We created a component that allows the user to choose between two colour modes, specified in CSS. The chosen colour mode is stored in a Svelte store, available to other subscribed components.


  • Some applications may require extending light / dark mode to a generic “theme” mode, where selection from a number of palettes can be performed by the user. Extending the above solution would be trivial for this case.
  • The solution demonstrated above ignores the CSS media prefers-color-scheme. At a minimum, the default selection for the mode chooser should adhere to the value of this feature.
  • SvelteKit performs server-side rendering of the application, so document is not available and the reference to it in the above example will fail. This should be guarded by browser from $app/env. More details here.

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